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Cool Doesn’t Count In Healthcare

After months of development, your product hits the market, complete with larger buttons, intuitive user interface and backlit display. But no one’s buying. Because in today’s healthcare market, cool features don’t sell products. The fact is, they’ve become meaningless. The key is to identify your product’s highest order benefit—especially if it comes with a premium […]

Cassie Benowitz / Nov 11, 2015

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Our formula for thinking big and being relevant

  Any marketing effort can benefit from a disciplined approach to strategy, creative and execution. We’ve found that the emphasis and time spent on each phase varies—sometimes immensely—but several critical success factors never change. Here’s a process that works well for us, along with three scenarios that illustrate when and why to shift the emphasis […]

Cassie Benowitz / Aug 05, 2015

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Ticker Talk: The Language of Cardiology

  New audiences (economic buyer, anyone?), new channels, new technologies, new competition, product recalls, adverse events—all of these events have marketing implications. Together, they form the landscape of cardiology marketing as we know it today.   Download Infographic

Cassie Benowitz / May 28, 2015

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