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Jessica Boden's POV

For Jessica Boden, moving from creative director to president doesn’t mean leaving brainstorms behind. “When I’m connected to the creation of the work it makes me even more passionate and energized about sharing what we do.” That level of cross-functionality is standard at StoneArch thanks to Boden’s focus on nurturing a healthy, collaborative, ego-free culture where great ideas can come from anywhere or anyone. A strong agency culture, Boden believes, is central to great work and great client service. “Our work is purpose-driven. We feel deeply engaged with our clients in part because of that."

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Celebrating women’s achievements every day

As a woman-owned business, it is a privilege to stand together in support of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. We celebrate women’s achievements each and every day, from the political to the social, while also calling for gender equality. It’s truly amazing to see how far we’ve come, while also acknowledging the work […]

Jessica Boden / Mar 28, 2017

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What winning awards really means

Winning awards has never been what drives us, but let’s be honest—being honored nationally by Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M) as the Silver Small Healthcare Agency of the Year not only feels great, it affirms what we’ve always believed—that the work we do in collaboration with our clients is exceptional, and we’d put it up […]

Jessica Boden / Jan 31, 2017

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Myths and Truths of Working with an Agency (Part 2)

Back by popular demand, StoneArch president Jessica Boden exposes more myths and truths of working with an agency—myths about early-stage collaboration, creative process, research, stakeholder buy-in, etc. that can sabotage the success of your marketing efforts, and the truths that can spare you a lot of frustration, unnecessary revisions and wasted resources. We hope you […]

Jessica Boden / Nov 03, 2016

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Wearables are hot. So why are they still leaving women cold?

Full disclosure: I love my wearable. Not because of the way it looks. Not because it’s a novelty. But because it gives me information I use daily to push myself toward healthier behavior. As an early adopter, I’ve dabbled in trackers for years. From the pedometer, to Jawbone, to Fitbit—I’ve tried many of them. But […]

Jessica Boden / Feb 17, 2016

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The Myths and Truths of Working with an Agency

  Working with an agency has the potential to be exciting, creative, thought-provoking, productive, and even fun—possibly one of the best parts of your job. Or among the worst. Jessica Boden, president of Minneapolis-based agency StoneArch, challenges common myths that can hinder a successful client-agency partnership. Tapping into StoneArch’s 30+ years of experience, she offers […]

Jessica Boden / Nov 01, 2015

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Diabetes innovation—It’s about time

Growing up in a home where a chronic illness sometimes took center stage afforded me the opportunity, from a very early age, to see the profound impact of healthcare. My mother had Type 1 diabetes and my brother and I were part of her care team. From being taught how to give injections by practicing […]

Jessica Boden / Jul 28, 2015

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When every vote —and every mission— matters

We tend to hear about democracy as it relates to choosing leaders. But democracy permeates every aspect of our culture, from our homes and workplaces to how we choose to spend our time. During the next few days I’d ask you to put democracy into action and exercise your right to vote in our annual […]

Jessica Boden / Jan 28, 2014

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VOLLEY, the love child of need and invention

Marketers are problem solvers at heart. Give us a thorny challenge and we’re all over it. Which is the story behind VOLLEY… Several of our medical device clients had equipped their sales teams with app-heavy iPads. Armed with the latest mobile technology, the thinking went, sales reps would become more effective and efficient. But without […]

Jessica Boden / Jul 31, 2012

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