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Magic Arms

Helping kids be kids

In 2012, Magic Arms for the World knew they had developed a solution that could help hundreds of thousands of children with neuromuscular conditions. After a few years and a lot of media coverage, they still needed a clear brand story, a memorable identity that could emotionally connect with families and donors, and the materials and strategy to reach them. StoneArch dedicated our 24-hour pro bono marathon, RedEye Rebrand, to helping Magic Arms tell their story.

StoneArch created a brand that focused on the universal desire of children everywhere—experiencing the world through play. Magic Arms is dedicated to empowering children to do that more fully. The mission and technology behind Magic Arms is complicated, serious business. StoneArch wanted to make sure the brand was unintimidating, easily understood and kid-centric—balancing hope with gravitas.


Illustrations and a bright palette work together to recall the spirit of childhood. Simple, clear copy communicates the technology and urgent need for the devices in an accessible way. The new logo represents the flight and freedom that comes from a fuller range of motion, and the opening of possibilities for these children. The subtle background pattern comes from the mechanical pattern of the device—combining emotion with technology.


As the cornerstone of information for families and donors alike, the Magic Arms website needed to serve many purposes—communicate the technology, mission and urgency as well as educate about the technology and existing need.


For nonprofits, direct mail and collateral are essential fundraising tools. StoneArch created print materials that carried the brand and a generous sponsor provided Magic Arms with their first run of print materials.


StoneArch developed a range of videos to demonstrate the different children Magic Arms serves and the dedication and passion of the staff who drive the organization.
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Social Media Campaign

Knowing there was a fundraising focus on social media storytelling, it was critically important to extend the Magic Arms brand to social channels. StoneArch refreshed their social media profiles and created a best practices playbook for connecting with families and corporate sponsors.