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Who we

Medela, the leading breast pump brand, wanted to better engage, connect with and support its evolving market of millennial moms and their diverse family structures. And with the launch of the Affordable Care Act, more women were accessing their pumps through insurers, which meant further rethinking their brand and marketing strategy for Medela.

What we

Since 84 percent of millennial moms rely on recommendations from peers, StoneArch developed Through it all, a brand and integrated marketing campaign featuring millennial moms and families from across the country. We harnessed the power of their real stories and raw experiences to create 52 videos, dozens of digital and print ads, social media posts, and a dedicated website.

Why it

Millennial moms want authentic marketing that reflects their lives. Leading with real mom stories gave Medela the opportunity to engage in a different context and connect with moms on a new, more relatable level about their evidence-based products and support services.

How it succeeded

2.8 million impressions

1.9 million

Best branded website for consumers

Telly Awards

Best online video

Best multichannel campaign

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