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Our Process


Our formula for thinking big and being relevant

All marketing communications projects—every campaign, launch and initiative, regardless of scope—have distinct phases. And for years, we avoided defining the process we use. Every product/service/situation is different, so how could one process work for all?

But the more products, therapies and services we positioned and marketed, the more clear it became that there is definitely a consistent framework that guides us. The weight of each phase—the emphasis and time spent on strategy, creative and execution—is what varies. Sometimes immensely.

Any marketing effort can benefit from a disciplined approach to strategy, creative and execution. At StoneArch, we use a collaborative process called I-D-E-A.

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With your help, our entire team takes a deep dive to thoroughly understand the subject matter and the challenge at hand.

  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • What action do you want them to take?
  • How do we measure success?


Learnings and insights are distilled into spot-on strategy and positioning.

  • How is your product/service going to make someone’s life better?
  • And does it do it in a way that’s different or better than your competition?


Distinct, relevant creative approaches are developed that express the positioning in unique and compelling ways.

  • Does this connect on an emotional level?
  • Can the elements be extended across multiple platforms?
  • Do the voice and tone resonate with the audience?


The creative comes to life through tactical executions that connect in meaningful, authentic ways.

  • Do we have a solid game plan for moving forward?
  • Are we connecting in the places most relevant to our audience?
  • Do we need to tweak for maximum impact?