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Building a brand in 24 hours? It must be crap.

You’d think. But if something is important to you, you don’t let anything stand in the way of getting it done—and done well. That’s the vibe of our annual RedEye Rebrand. This year, we helped develop the brand story and launch it into the big, wide world for One Heartland, a camp that helps kids […]

Phil Hoch / May 31, 2016

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Before collaboration comes trust

I thought I was doing everything right. I was an idea machine. A master of execution. A fountain of creative vision. I clearly saw the answers for my clients. As far as I was concerned, all was good in the world. It was in my annual review a bunch of years ago at a past […]

Phil Hoch / Jun 02, 2015

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Setting the mood

“Do you sketch out your ideas before you execute?” I think I’ve asked this question to just about every art director or designer I’ve ever worked with or interviewed. The reason I ask is to make sure that their thoughts are worked out on paper before going too quickly into an execution. Think of mood […]

Phil Hoch / Jun 25, 2014

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The healthy creative

We’ve all seen those TV shows or movies that take place in advertising agencies, right? The ones that show the quirky creative team working through a red-eyed, coffee-fueled night to magically conjure up the next big campaign for their impossibly hard to please client first thing the next morning? You’d often see feet up on […]

Phil Hoch / Jul 24, 2013

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