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Project Stealth

A radical approach to fundraising supports a radical approach to cancer therapy

Dr. Daniel Saltzman, a pediatric surgeon and cancer researcher at the University of Minnesota, is developing a highly promising cancer therapy that uses altered salmonella to deliver cancer-fighting drugs to tumor sites without toxic side effects. But with federal research dollars drying up, the project was at risk of shutting down. Enter Project Stealth, a brand and grassroots campaign that has upended the stodgy image of clinical research. In addition to raising $350,000 from individuals and small foundations, Project Stealth was named one of “The 2014 Greatest Creators” by PM360 and won the “Judges’ Choice Award” for the 2014 Cancer Awareness Advertising Awards.


Audacious, provocative and unconventional cancer research deserves the same from its brand.


With a singular call to action, HELP FUND A SNEAK ATTACK ON CANCER, the Project Stealth website balances hard science with human interest to capture attention and financial support from outside the medical community.

Social Media Campaign

With no budget for paid advertising, we developed an aggressive social media strategy online that continues to drive interest and donations, moving the research closer to clinical trials.

Fundraising Video

Authentic and intentionally understated, the fundraising video introduces viewers to Dr. Saltzman, his lab, research team and Buddy—a golden retriever now fully recovered from Stage 4 cancer, thanks to this novel therapy.

Media Kit

The media kit has helped generate press coverage in the StarTribune, Pioneer Press and CrowdFund Insider, and on CBS Minnesota radio.

TEDx Talk

Dr. Saltzman’s TEDx talk, presented live at Carleton College and available at, captured the spirit of TED through technology, entertainment and design.