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Getting to the heart of the world’s smallest pacemaker

Medtronic’s Micra™ Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS) represents a stunning breakthrough in pacing technology—the first in decades for the maturing cardiac rhythm management market. Roughly the size of a multivitamin, Micra is both the world’s smallest pacemaker and the first leadless, single-chamber device, making it a less invasive and potentially safer option for physicians and patients.

Medtronic wanted a way to make the Micra journey real for employees and customers. Filming behind the scenes at the University of Minnesota’s Visible Heart Lab and the company’s R&D facility, we created a video that has raised the bar for Medtronic and generated new projects for StoneArch.


Micra gets top billing in this video, but Medtronic’s engineers are the masterminds behind the new technology. Modest and heartfelt, they tell a compelling story that’s part science, part human interest. As one engineer says, “To see this come to life and make a difference for a patient is incredible. It’s the best.”