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We work with health and medical clients who have more challenges than they have time. We solve them using a rare blend of marketing savvy, industry expertise, strategic thinking, stellar creative and outstanding execution. Whether you need to talk to the interventionalist in the cath lab, the new parents of twins, or the CEO in the corner office, we speak their language. And yours.


Integrated Marketing
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Creative
  • Branding
  • Content
  • Video
  • Education & training
  • Digital
  • Social media
  • Media
Meetings & Events

We design and produce all the elements that comprise great meetings, for audiences of 50 to 5,000, from Hawaii to Hong Kong.
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  • Clinicians
  • Allied health professionals
  • C-suite/administrators
  • Economic buyers
  • Clinical educators
  • Sales teams
  • Patients
  • Caregivers
  • Retail customers

Clients we work with

Leadership team

Marcia Miller


“While we’re steeped in knowledge about content creation and branding in the health space, we’re constantly modernizing how we think about the consumer at the end of the line. That’s why clients hire agencies—to bring that fresh perspective.”
After spending nearly half of her 25-year marketing career committed to the healthcare industry, Marcia is passionate about making the system work better for the end consumer. “As marketers, we’re in a unique position to break down walls by making the entire experience simpler, more accessible, and more human.” Based on her experience on both the client and agency side of the business, that starts with building the right teams for each client, based on the work, the client’s needs and the challenge at hand. “In this environment of constant change, clients need help anticipating and responding quickly to market forces. Here, because of our size, clients are able to connect with anyone on their team to get the support they need. Having been on the client side, I love that.”

Phil Hoch

Executive Creative Director

“Healthcare is personal. It’s serious. It’s a real point of connection that runs the spectrum of human emotion and that’s endlessly inspiring.”
As StoneArch’s Executive Creative Director, Phil oversees all the creative that goes out the door. Before he or his team put their skills and training to work, he makes sure he’s immersed in the account from the beginning stages. “Our clients expect us to solve problems for them, and I can’t do that sitting on the sidelines when strategy is being formed. It’s my job to ask hard questions so the creative can roll into the larger strategy and form a living, breathing brand presence.” Phil believes in offering clients a variety of solutions and isn’t afraid to apply design thinking to healthcare problems. His expertise on the intricacies within the healthcare industry give him insight into what new technologies, approaches and perspectives can best be used for healthcare clients to push beyond the expected and familiar.

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Cassie Benowitz

VP, Strategy and Planning

“Any time we have an opportunity to help a client see their product in a new way—to create that ‘a-ha!’ moment—it’s incredibly gratifying.”
When you hold a degree in biology and another in chemistry, becoming a doctor or scientist feels like the only path open to you. A chance encounter that led to a contract position with StoneArch 12 years ago broadened those options for Cassie. Today, she combines her clinical knowledge with her business acumen to lead strategy—collaborating closely with creative and account teams to ensure clients’ big-picture objectives are aligned with tactical efforts. Infusing a strategic approach across teams is essential “because in healthcare we can’t afford to have just strong creative or just strong strategy. We have both, and that means we can elevate the clinical relevance of a product or service just as well as we can show why it’s exciting or meaningful to a consumer.”

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Amy Asbury

Director, Agency Partnerships

“It’s all about connecting the right people to the right solutions.”
A part of StoneArch since 2004, Amy sees her role in the agency as a bridge between “the experts out there creating healthcare solutions and the experts here at StoneArch who know how to connect with healthcare audiences.” In addition to ensuring successful client-partnerships, Amy also forges strategic alliances with outside experts to offer the best technologies and platforms to existing clients. It’s a dynamic role in an evolving industry that allows StoneArch to tap into outside experts seamlessly and offer our clients truly robust marketing plans.

Jerrold Gershone


“Our greatest strength is finding great talent who bring something new and different—and supporting them with a work culture that empowers them to bring their best thinking to our clients.”
Jerrold has been integral to StoneArch since its inception in 1984. A founding partner, he saw the opportunities for growth beyond video, allowing StoneArch to evolve into a comprehensive healthcare and medical marketing agency. Today he uses his perspective to oversee internal operations and develop strategic partnerships to continue to guide the business forward. “We work in health and wellness, and we take a preventative, holistic approach to our culture, to the health of our own business and to our relationships with our clients. Being thoughtful and intentional about a strong work culture has ultimately served us and our clients very well for over 30 years."

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Judy Kessel

Founder and Chair

“I’m always on the lookout for opportunities and partnerships, it’s just a part of the entrepreneurial spirit that StoneArch was born from.”
Judy founded StoneArch (formerly Media Productions) in 1984, growing the business from a small video production house to a full‐service agency specializing in medical device and healthcare marketing. From the beginning, her passion, vision, drive and creative spirit have shaped StoneArch’s work ethic, values and culture. In her role as Chair, Judy focuses on developing strategic partnerships, supporting the academic advancement of medical marketing and promoting the agency on a national level.

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