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American Medical Systems

Tackling trouble head-on pays off

We’ve all seen the late-night commercials about pelvic mesh lawsuits. American Medical Systems (AMS) was one of several pelvic mesh manufacturers ordered by the FDA to conduct postmarket studies on the safety and efficacy of their pelvic mesh products, specifically mini-slings. They were ahead of their competitors in gathering postmarket data and initial results were promising.

Unfortunately, negative press had created a lot of misunderstanding about the FDA ruling, prompting scores of physicians to switch to other mesh products that weren’t affected by the FDA mandate. Sales of the once popular MiniArc sling system were dropping and morale was low, particularly among sales reps.

Our research showed that physicians would require compelling data or personal experience to convert physicians back to the MiniArc sling system. We developed a multichannel campaign that tackled trouble head-on—winning back AMS’ most important customers.

Physician education and support

We created content and illustrations for tools and resources that demonstrate optimal tensioning techniques, helping physicians answer questions from patients and dispelling myths about mesh products.

Clinical data summary

Sales reps needed a way to share compelling but highly complex clinical data with physicians. We identified and highlighted relevant key findings from 27 clinical studies and compiled them into an easy-to-use, highly visual summary that created an impressive “thud factor.” Reps reported they were able to convert physicians on the spot by using the data summary.

Targeted advertising and email

It was important to demonstrate AMS’ ongoing efforts to gather and share postmarket data because it reflected their commitment to providing safe, effective pelvic health solutions. StoneArch created a “We Are Pelvic Health” marketing campaign that launched at a major trade show and continued via targeted emails and print and digital advertising.


AMS brought experienced MiniArc system users together with former users for two days of discussion and hands-on practice. We captured compelling “before” and “after” interviews in a video that was widely used at internal AMS meetings to boost both morale and sales.

Field playbook

The field playbook further supported sales reps during customer interactions and ensured they stayed on message.

Results Summary

MiniArc system sales have gone from a 28% drop in the past 1.5 years to a 1% increase to date—a steady climb since the campaign launched.

Thought leaders continue to emphasize and repeat key findings that were highlighted in the clinical study summaries. The tool has been expanded to include other clinical studies that looked at objective and subjective outcomes.