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Going mobile to track home infusions

People with primary immunodeficiency (PI) live under the chronic threat of infection. To boost their ability to fight bacterial and viral infections, many patients are prescribed monthly infusions of HYQVIA immunoglobulin (lgG) therapy that stalk the blood with antibodies. In addition to self-administering the drug, patients needed to record the date and dosage for each infusion, keep a daily log of their health and wellness, and share the information with their care team. Labor-intensive and unreliable, the current paper-based tracking system didn’t allow physicians to accurately or efficiently monitor patient progress.

Baxalta (formerly part of Baxter International) asked StoneArch to develop an app for HYQVIA patients that would streamline the tracking process, document IgG treatment history, and improve communication between patients and caregivers.

Mobile app

The HYQVIA app features a clean, uncluttered interface that prompts patients to log their infusions, update their health status, save data to the cloud, and share it with their physicians. By tracking trends over time and generating graphs and charts, the app enables physicians to quickly assess how patient health status and adjust the treatment as necessary. The app is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.