You’d think. But if something is important to you, you don’t let anything stand in the way of getting it done—and done well. That’s the vibe of our annual RedEye Rebrand. This year, we helped develop the brand story and launch it into the big, wide world for One Heartland, a camp that helps kids with challenging circumstances such as having HIV/AIDS or identifying as LGBT. The secret to making it all happen in 24 hours is removing barriers throughout the whole process.

Slim it way down.

In all areas of an undertaking like this, we remove anything that doesn’t directly contribute to telling the right story in the most impactful way. While we do have core functions, such as project management to keep us honest and on track, we opt more for direct client communication at all levels. For example, by giving the strategy and creative teams full access to the One Heartland gang, we got quick answers, made fast decisions and collectively agreed on how to move forward. We balanced information with gut.

Find a common connection point.

That feeling of what camp does for kids is pretty universal. Most people have a camp story that conjures (mostly) good memories. For One Heartland, we grabbed onto that truth and explored how camp can truly change lives. Taking these kids out of their challenging day-to-day environments and into one that allows them to be themselves has a dramatic impact on their emotional and physical health. You’d be amazed to hear about the transformation that happens when these kids show up at camp. Patrick Kindler, One Heartland’s Executive Director, has stories to last for days about the real impact of camp.

Get it done.

Twenty four hours can be an eternity if you are waiting for test results or sleeping at an airport during a layover. But when you’re building a brand from the ground up, it’s downright daunting. It might as well be 24 minutes. It comes down to trust across the whole team. We all share the same end goal and want nothing but success. From developing the One Heartland story to building their design system to creating impactful videos and everything in between, it was all about pulling a consistent thread through all materials—just faster.

Why we do this.

When you give selflessly, it feels good—simple as that. One Heartland has camps that can change the lives of kids. We have services and expertise they don’t usually have access to. Mash them together and see what happens. One Heartland and StoneArch became one in that short 24 hours. It was awesome. Here’s to wishing them the best of luck in all they do.

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