Bringing the magic of DQ to the Franchisee Expo at the Magic Kingdom

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Who we helped

International Dairy Queen’s biannual Expo brings together hundreds of DQ franchisees from all across North America. It’s an invaluable opportunity for DQ leadership and franchise owners to discuss the state of the company, its long-range vision and direction, and the immediate impact that can be made on individual businesses and their customers.

What we did

StoneArch created the Expo’s theme, graphic treatment, event signage, emcee content and direction, as well as pre-produced an on-site video production. To provide continuity, flow and targeted messaging, we produced a series of short videos to be used as transitions between presenters. We filmed at 12 DQ franchise locations around the U.S. to answer a not-so-simple question: What does the ideal fan experience look like?

Why it worked

We married the magic of DQ with Disney’s Magic Kingdom to inspire the meeting’s agenda and theme: Experience the Magic: The Amazing Power of Our Fans. Because the fan experience is at the center of building lasting customer loyalty, DQ fans and how to retain them became the key focus of the 2018 Expo.

How it succeeded

Every element of the Expo was intended to help franchisees transform their loyal customers into raving fans. We infused the attendees’ experience with a keynote speaker from Disney, a Vegas-style illusionist and a live game of DQ Family Feud. We also celebrated DQ’s commitment to philanthropy and Children’s Miracle Network with a custom video and silent auction. By the meeting’s close, there was a newfound belief in the power of DQ’s fans.

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