We’re excited to welcome Kristina Gooding as our new Meetings Account Director.

Gooding is a seasoned leader within corporate meetings and event production. She adds a strategic lens to a client’s business, designing meetings from the inside out. “Meetings are intended to move people to action—so it’s our job to create content that inspires and motivates audiences,” Gooding said.

In addition to her meetings expertise, she also brings deep familiarity with experiential marketing, sales, advertising and broadcast journalism.

“I’m thrilled to be joining StoneArch. The team is dynamic and innovative—they’re constantly thinking outside of the box to bring creative experiences to life,” Gooding said, adding that she’s excited to bring her holistic perspective into StoneArch’s work in the health space.

“At StoneArch, we view meetings as a highly valuable medium that’s often overlooked in many digitally focused marketing strategies,” said Marcia Miller, StoneArch President and CEO. “We’re partners to our clients—committed to driving their growth in every capacity. And bringing someone like Kristina, who’s an expert in nearly every facet of experiential production, is all a part of our passion for deepening our client relationships and bringing their vision to life.”

Gooding is set to replace Mary Ellen Brennan, StoneArch’s Meetings Account Director of 13 years. Brennan will stay involved in a contract capacity as she downshifts.

“It’s been a privilege to have Mary Ellen with us for more than a decade. She’s done amazing work and elevated StoneArch’s meeting presence to incredible heights,” added Miller. “As Mary Ellen moves into the next phase of her career, we’re confident that Kristina is the best person to build on her legacy.”