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One Heartland

Branding camp experiences to reach kids who need it most

One Heartland (formerly Camp Heartland) was created in 1993 as a camp for kids affected by HIV/AIDS. By 1996, the organization had expanded its mission and focus to also help kids facing intolerance and social isolation. But with a confusing brand and unwieldy website, One Heartland wasn’t connecting with donors, referring agencies, or most importantly, kids and families. We devoted our 2016 RedEye Rebrand to helping One Heartland find its true identity.

More than just a fun North Woods camp experience, One Heartland offers a welcoming, bully-free environment where children, youth and young adults can feel completely accepted for who they are, often for the first time in their lives. That’s the story we’ve helped One Heartland tell.

One Heartland Video Case Study

Brand Identity

We refreshed One Heartland’s brand with a new logo, visual identity system, letterhead and brand guide.


One Heartland isn’t just another camp, a point we wanted to make absolutely clear from the homepage to the registration form. With new copy, graphics and navigation, the responsive website captures the organization’s warmth, energy and accessibility. Analytics from May 6–July 20, 2016 compared to the same period in 2015 speak to SEO and user experience: site visits are up nearly 1,900% (4,528 vs. 229), bounce rate dropped 33% and average time on the site rose 57%.


The life-changing—and life-saving—mission of One Heartland comes to life in six unique videos featuring the personal experiences of campers, parents, staff and donors.

A poster series helps schools, health clinics, social service agencies and community centers spread the word to potential campers, staff and volunteers.


Print Collateral

The new overview brochure, partnership guide and donor thank you cards support the organization’s outreach and engagement strategies.

Social Media

Building on One Heartland’s strong social presence, we designed new social media skins and developed a social media playbook that includes best practices, customizable visual assets and branded content.