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Thinking brain first for hearing care

Oticon, a leader in premium hearing technologies, launches several new products a year in order to keep pace with the rapid innovation within the hearing industry. When one of their new products failed to gain traction, they partnered with StoneArch to strengthen their business-to-business sales and marketing efforts.

Oticon needed to differentiate next-generation products from their predecessors and from competitors in a meaningful way. Our strategy was to create a new BrainHearing™ brand platform that positioned hearing instrument choice as a health care-driven decision instead of a lifestyle or technology choice. We developed benefit-focused messaging, visuals and an integrated marcomm plan that extended the BrainHearing™ story across multiple channels and launches. Thinking “brain first” not only changed the conversation—it helped drive record sales for Oticon.

Email campaign

Targeted emails reinforce the benefits of BrainHearing™ for audiologists and drive website traffic.

Print materials

Clear, concise copy and colorful visuals elevate Oticon’s story beyond the product level and convey a whole new mindset toward hearing care.

Social media

An editorial calendar and phased messaging plan guide social media efforts and encourage two-way conversation.


Focused B2B print and digital ads highlight the benefits of thinking brain first, including patient satisfaction levels significantly higher than the industry average.


A combination of lifestyle and product images culled from Oticon’s image library, BrainHearing™ visuals and motion graphics bring the BrainHearing™ story to life for audiologists.

Results summary

When Oticon’s Performance Line launched under the BrainHearing™ brand platform, the company experienced record sales. Quantitative and qualitative research shows BrainHearing™ continues to gain traction as a defining Oticon differentiator. The updated positioning makes it easier for audiologists to explain how Oticon’s hearing instruments work to their patients and, in turn, justify the premium pricing.