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ProVation Medical

Overcoming objections with simplicity

When ProVation® Medical launched its Cardiology Procedure Documentation Software system, there was a pervasive bias against specialty-specific solutions in favor of enterprise electronic health record (EHR) systems. What hospital CFOs, CIOs, administrators and interventional cardiologists didn’t realize is that by relying on an enterprise EHR system or generic alternative, they were leaving money on the table. To overcome customer objections, we developed the campaign "Capture Everything. Miss Nothing." to reflect both the customer’s needs and the software’s promise.


The visual approach and messaging play across media platforms—digital publishing, website, online and print advertising, collateral, video, trade show messaging, sales training and customer presentations. The campaign was later expanded across all 11 subspecialties.

Interactive Publishing

ProVation Medical knew that once customers interacted with its software, they were sold. To deliver an effective hands-on experience, we developed an iPad-based digital publishing application that captures the simplicity and elegance of the technology—at a fraction of the cost for a custom app.


We designed the motion graphics-based video to play equally well at trade shows, in sales presentations and online.