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Advertising Services

Smart advertising is about knowing your customer—who or what influences them, where they go for information and what motivates them to act. While traditional advertising channels (e.g., print, outdoor, broadcast) still have value, they may not be the best investment for health and medical companies. That’s where a diversity of advertising services comes into play.

Advertising in the age of ACA

Clinicians continue to influence buying decisions, but purchasing departments and the Value Assessment Committee (VAC) are quickly gaining ground. At the same time, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is affecting consumer healthcare spending. Today’s health and medical companies need a fresh approach to advertising.

We can help you align your advertising strategy with the evolving healthcare landscape.

Advertising Services

  • Channel strategy
  • Creative development
  • Integrated ad campaigns
  • Digital advertising
  • TV, radio and video ads
  • Print advertising
  • Out-of-home advertising
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Our advertising work in action

“The strongest agencies don’t just produce work for their clients. They partner with them to help solve their business problems in unique and compelling ways.”

– Cassie Benowitz, VP of Strategy & Planning, StoneArch