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Training and Education Services

Our approach to training and education services is part instructional design, part storytelling and part marketing. With years of health and medical experience, we understand how to take highly technical content and make it make sense for the people who need to understand it. A well-trained sales force or a value-add patient or clinician education program can help differentiate your company from competitors.

Inherently agile

Our experience gives us the agility to accommodate all learning styles, preferences and technologies. Whether the training is a stand-alone program or part of a global product launch, your objectives drive the creative, content development and technical approach.

From product use training to customer objection handling, we can help you engage the hearts and minds of clinicians, patients and sales teams.

Training +

  • Digital, video and print-based programs
  • Learning strategy
  • Instructional design
  • Content development
  • Design and technical development
  • Evaluation and assessment
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Our training and education work in action

“Whether we’re teaching kids with diabetes how to count carbs or educating sales reps on the nuances of a new technology, training and education can be hugely important to the success of our clients’ marketing programs.”

– Sue Katula, Senior Strategist, StoneArch