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Veran Medical Rebrand

Breathing new life into a diagnostic tool for lung cancer

Lung cancer sucks. Having to tell your patient, “I don’t know,” sucks, too. Veran’s technology (SPiN System™) helps pulmonologists achieve definitive diagnoses, but they needed help telling that story.

We reinvigorated the Veran brand to help them assert their position as a technology leader and innovator in the navigated bronchoscopy space.

“Our challenge was to boost our visibility and share our passion for innovation in navigated bronchoscopy. StoneArch helped us assert our position as the leader in the industry.”
– Dave Wildermuth, VP of Global Marketing

Brand Experience

We started with research and exploration—asking big questions to spur insights. What challenges do pulmonologists face? How does the SPiN System™ transcend these challenges? Before launch, we piloted our strategic messages with our target audience at the annual CHEST Conference. Rubbing elbows with actual clinicians provided the clarity we needed to guide our path forward.


Veran’s new responsive website breaks the SPiN System™ down by procedure. Highlighting the innovative software and instrumentation improves user experience by helping discerning pulmonologists see why and how the SPiN System™ fits into their practice. To engage clinicians and amplify one of the SPiN System’s™ key differentiators, we included animated graphics to reflect the navigational experience clinicians would experience in real time.

Sales Support

An investment overview and clinical summary, among other sales materials, illuminated the financial and medical benefits of the SPiN System™—giving the sales team the talking points needed to tell a compelling story.


Clean graphics and straightforward messaging made for an eye-catching booth.